I can write a whole post about cauliflower!

November 7
Husband rarely ever demands suggests what he wants to have in dinner. Sometimes I do call him at work to get some inspiration, but almost always I am left on my own to decide the meals (except for those instances when he suggests to take me out)

But something changed last week. I don’t remember how we got to talking, but we decided we want to have ‘gobi ke paranthe’ (cauliflower stuffed bread). And I was so glad thinking at least the thinking part of is taken care of for at least one meal and I went to the grocery store the same day to pick a nice big cauliflower. And it has been sitting in the fridge since then! In between parties and eating out on weekend, also when cauliflower has competition in the fridge with mushrooms and spinach, guess the other two would make it first to the table.

So, while husband has been craving cauliflower, I have been feeding him things like this…

But I promise tomorrow is the day!

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  • Reply puneet November 8 at 12:06 pm

    hehe..i dont knw why but i found this post very funny 🙂

  • Reply Neha Thakur November 9 at 1:13 am

    Hi Maneet !

    Hopped onto your blog when I saw you won on IndianSimmer, the sandwich book giveaway! We live in a connected world- realisation of the day !

    Was hooked to your blog all evening and finally thought I should atleast add a comment to let you know that! It was fun reading all the stories and your blog shall be followed regularly now on!
    Thanks for sharing and do keep writing!

    Laughter always,
    Neha 🙂

  • Reply Maneet Jassal Gupta January 14 at 8:39 am

    Thanks for appreciating the blog Neha. Glad you like your time here! 🙂


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