I am calling it a diaper bag

September 5

After searching high and low for a perfect diaper bag, I finally settled on this one. And it’s perfect!…Umm, so far!


Before the baby was born, I went the traditional route after seeing this brand of bags everywhere from baby registries to baby shops to fellow mom’s instagram accounts. And it served well in the beginning when baby was primarily in the infant car seat and you had to just attach it to a stroller. That way the stroller did the heavy lifting for you. After a point it became ridiculous with the amount of stuff I would just keep dumping in it and I bet there are many small toys and snacks that basically have their graves at the bottom of the said diaper bag.



After few months, when baby started being in arms more when out and about, I started lugging the bag across body. Mind you I was also carrying a separate handbag for my essentials at that time. Why is that you ask? Because before this point, the diaper bag was essentially on the stroller. So, imagine I had to step into a different store while baby was in stroller with his dad, so having a separate made sense. So, at one point in time, I looked like a ridiculous fool with diaper bag and my bag criss crossing across me. Add to that a scarf or a puffy jacket or both. I will spare you the torture and not share that picture here. But believe me, it was not a pleasant sight!


Add to that the fact that diaper bag is not ‘glamorous’. I tried to find many, but there was always something lacking in terms of functionality, looks or practicality. For example, when you have baby in your arms and you need to take out car keys at a parking lot, you can’t put the baby down on the floor and open the bag and search for keys. All of this needs to happen in a swift movement and as quickly as possible. Hence, the outside multiple pockets that are accessible by one hand only! Also, they are roomy enough that one of the zipper compartments serves as my ‘personal’ bag so there is no need to lug two around.



Word count : 376 already? Time to wrap up! Give this bag a try if you are in the market for a new diaper bag or you are just someone who likes to take their world with them and want something lightweight!

I will see you next week! Till then, let me know if something other than traditional diaper bags worked for you in the past.

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