Restaurant Review : Stateside

September 19

We like to eat out. No, not saying it in contradiction to my last week’s post ; we like to cook elaborate home cooked meals too. Basically, we like to eat. And, eating out has become an essential part of our weekends. Being blessed with a toddler who enjoys it as much as we do (thank heavens for that), I thought it was time to revive the restaurant reviews I used to write pre-baby.

Maybe it will give you some options for next time you are trying to decide where to eat out with a toddler in tow or dying to try something new. These reviews are sort of my diary which I often look back on when we have visitors and we want to take them somewhere tried and loved!

This weekend we tried the much acclaimed Stateside for some Vietnamese brunch. Often when we think of brunch, Vietnamese cuisine never comes to mind. Being a fan of Pho as my go-to ‘stuffy nose’ therapy, I wanted to see how those flavors would translate into brunch items.


And Stateside did not disappoint. Coffee was strong with an intense flavor profile, Omelette was not in the least bland and loaded with shrimps, Banh mi fresh and filling. Also, my neighbor’s avocado toast that I was eyeing looked like something I would want to get next time. The place is done up nicely with open layout and an airy feel; although it was a gorgeously sunny Seattle day and we preferred the patio sitting.

Give it a try next time you want to go for brunch and want to change up that eggs and toast routine!


P.S. I am sure he must be showing me some bus that just went past!

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