Be Grateful!

November 28

Does it happen to you that when you have had something for a while or something in excess or maybe  something that you never lost, you start failing at appreciating it!? Now go back and read that once more and I guarantee at least one thing will come to your mind for all the three categories.

Though there are a million things on my mind right now which I appreciate and am grateful for, I will let you peek in just a little bit this morning in hopes that somewhere you would too tell someone just how much you appreciate their just being there. Maybe you would say a silent prayer, close your eyes for a moment and just let out a sigh in remembrance.

Last week, I ran my first ever 5k without any training! I like to run but these days all my energy is spent taking care of our toddler. There is hardly any reserve at the end of the day to put on my shoes and head out the door. I am grateful for having healthy lungs, functioning legs and fresh Seattle air which made it possible.
I cook two to three edible fresh meals for my family everyday! I never really took interest in kitchen antics earlier, but now with a toddler whose nutritional needs are kind of my responsibility, cooking has become second nature. I am grateful that I am able to do just that which means I have plenty in my fridge, my pantry is stocked and there is food on the table every evening. All of this in effect means I have a family to call my own, for which I am grateful!
We are co-sleeping at the moment with our toddler. Even though I sleep in maybe 1/4th quadrant of our king size bed, everyday I am grateful there is a warm cozy bed waiting for me at the end of the day. With even warmer cozier bodies to snuggle with!
Do you think I should make this a semi permanent feature on the blog!? Once in a while I can come back to you with three things on top of my gratefulness list and maybe it will give you a chance to stop, think and thank for all that you are grateful for today! (Like my toddler has learnt to say recently, Great idea!!!)

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