Down the memory lane

January 23

If you are even a tiny bit of a love-sick mamma like me; I am very sure that you also like to go down the memory lane (almost every night) when your baby is off to bed. We were recently in the process of backing up and cataloging all of our pictures. You can imagine the amount of pictures there were since the time mobile phone photography started. And they have increased ten fold since 2014 when our baby was born!

When I saw these bunch of pictures from exactly an year ago, I was kind of kicking myself up for not sharing them sooner. I do not know why, but this day is still crystal clear in my memory like it was yesterday.

We went to the Ballard Farmers Market, which is one of our favorites. The day was clear and sunny and cold, I carried my baby in the carrier, and he was a smiley little cozy ball of cuteness the whole day through!

So, I present to you the smaller version of my baby with gummier smiles, shorter ponytail, only socks because he wasn’t even walking then, and I hope these will cheer you up as they without fail make me happy every time I see them!








P.S. If you want to know how we sorted through seas of photographs, I can ask the husband to a guest post….Probably! 😉

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    Nice memories

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