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January 30

We all shop on Amazon. We shop for electronics, books, household appliances, you name it and Amazon has it. Oh, it has so much more than you can imagine!

If you open your Amazon app everytime you are in a store to compare prices, and if you are ‘one-click’ person like me, this post is for you!

Today, let us explore some beauty bits and pieces. I like to try new products and these days I am consciously checking the ingredients and trying to incorporate as many natural products as I can. Usually, I find that those products do not work as well as the mainstream products, so my hunt is always on to find that perfect soap to replace my SLS laden Body Shop ones!

These products and tried, tested and come with a recommendation from me! Let me know if any of these catch your fancy!

Body Oil


Come winters and I am all about choosing body oil over any body butters or lotions. And I am always on a look out for something that is deeply hydrating but in a non-greasy and ‘feeling light’ kind of way. Add to the fact that this one comes in one of favorite fragrance in whole world, this is going to a repurchase for me in times to come!

Toddler body and hair wash


After searching high and low, I have settled down on this for my baby’s sensitive skin. I tried all the name brands that claim to be SLS free, all natural, and all the ‘key’ words that are used these days. This one is highly hydrating, yet gentle and does not irritate my little one’s eyes even a little bit.

Lip Balm


A lip balm hoarder like me doesn’t need an excuse to buy a new one. But when I found that this french product is available on Amazon, I had to get it ASAP (read free one day shipping, hah!). This one is thicker than your average lip balm, but it stays put and does the job very well. Recently I had cold sores as a result of nasty flu and this is the one that worked over all others. Recommend it to use before bed every night and wake up to soft moisturized lips.

Cotton Pads


If you think all facial cotton pads are created equal, you maybe wrong. Give these from a Japanese brand called Muji a try, and you maybe a convert for life. These are made of unbleached cotton and they do feel a lot softer than the conventional ones.

Hand Soap


Continuing my search for SLS free everything, this is a good option if you want a mild, lightly scented hand soap which doesn’t leave your hands parched!

Let me know if there are some non conventional things that you shop on Amazon for. It always amazes what you can find there!

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