Restaurant review : Stoneburner

August 21

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Combine that with some lunch options and drinks, brunch maybe my second favorite. I almost always pick the dishes which on the ‘lunch-ier’ side when going out to brunch because let’s be honest here, on a weekend my lunch time is basically my husband’s breakfast time!

We recently discovered Stoneburner after we were done scrolling the Ballard Farmers Market and wanted to sit somewhere cozy for a meal on that particularly cold windy day. Located inside a boutique hotel, it is done up very nicely in grand light fixtures and wooden furniture. It has a sort of old-world vibe going on, what with all the little architectural things and antiques strewn all over the place.

The menu can not be defined to be of a particular cuisine, but you get a great variety from your typical eggs to scones to even a breakfast pizza or a massive burger. The last time we went, I got the burger just because its description read ‘good sauce’ and I was intrigued, which in all fairness, was ‘good’.  My husband got the crispy polenta cake which was very interesting and flavorful!

There was a kid friendly pizza option and the coffee did not disappoint either! Hence, it finds a place on ‘our list’!

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