Talking about routines

August 7

I shouldn’t be the one who talks about routines when my last blog post was back in the beginning of the year. Also, how is it mid year already! But I digress!

Whenever I come back to blogging after a long hiatus, it is always hard for me to decide where to begin. There are so many things that have changed during that time, so much more that has happened in those few months; that I often find it difficult to pick up from where I left off.

To keep it light and simple, I thought I would talk about ‘routines’ and share these beautiful pictures that my husband clicked one random evening back in winters. Our day to day lives come with a familiarity yet a number of new challenges every day while raising a toddler, if you know what I mean. But one thing that is consistent is our evening winding down routine. And I really look forward to it, because it means that bedtime is not far now! 😉

After having a bath and getting into pajamas, we play for a bit. Also, that is the time when my husband gets his one on one time with our baby and I also get some minutes of peace and quiet. I usually tidy up the kitchen and lay out snacks for the next day, take a shower and pull out outfits for all three of us for the next day too.

We offer milk as close to bedtime as possible because our baby just gets too sleepy right after milk. Go figure!

Not forgetting to brush those teeth, we let him brush for a minute or two and then take over.

Even if this post does not make too much of a sense, I am glad that I decided to show some love to this blog of mine. Also, any excuse where I can revisit pictures of my baby when he had longer hair sits well with me! Do you follow routines in your day to day life or just let the day take its course? I would love to hear if the latter works better for some people!

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