Being a tourist in your own city : Clyde Beach Park

September 25

Seattle is not synonymous with beach parks. When you think of Seattle, you would picture a rainy wet yet an evergreen city. Whenever we mention this to any visitors over the summers that we could go to a beach park, take in some sunshine and have a little picnic while we are at it, everyone is surprised over the mere mention of Seattle having a beach of any sorts.

Of course, the water will be still chilly and the breeze would be cooler in the shade; but nothing beats the views you get and the sort of calm that sound of waves provides.

Over the summers we have been to a number of such places, but the time we went to Clyde Beach Park way back in March when suddenly we had a sunny weekend after what felt like an endless winter; is still fresh in my memory.

Being new to Eastside, we searched the closest park with access to water and a play structure; and off we went with a little picnic in tow to enjoy the rare sunshine.

My husband captured these pictures beautifully without making us pose very often and that is what I love about these; it brings back the exact emotions to mind from that day. I love looking back at these pictures, I hope you like them too.

What do you do to chase some sunshine when we are ‘drowning’ deep in the winter months!?

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