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The only 5 nail paints you will ever need

August 14

It is midway through 2017 and I have decided that I am going to go the ‘minimalist’ route. It just makes sense to me at this point in life, when I would rather spend my time and energy on things that really matter than shuffling through my wardrobe to find that particular white shirt which I haven’t worn in years. Every night when deciding an outfit for next day, I have to sift through hangars upon hangars of clothes that either no longer fit me or fit my lifestyle anymore! In my ideal world, I would rather have a smaller yet functional wardrobe, greener yet effective beauty products and a home with that ‘scandi’ feeling!

Now, let’s be honest here, it is going to be a long road reaching there. For me, it’s not the act of finally committing to such a  lifestyle but to find the time with an active toddler to actually get around to doing it!

Therefore, I started small. I tackled my nail paint drawer. It’s not a drawer. I keep my nail paints in the refrigerator and they never get gloopy. Try it and thank me later! I have had nail paints from 10 years ago sitting in my refrigerator!

Out of ‘all’ the nail paints that I thought I needed or I thought I will put on someday, I chose 5 which I am sure will serve me for all types of occasions and places! For the sake of easy categorization, I am divving them up according to seasons, but really they work all year around!

A summer neutral

I chose this Smith & Cult as my summer neutral of choice because this is basically all I wear. Not only in summers but all year around. When you want to have some color on your nails that just goes with everything, pick a neutral that works for you. It could be a white or a beige or even a sheer coat of clear polish!

A vacation color

When I think of drinking Mai Tai’s on a Hawaiin beach and my feet combing the warm sand, this Essie shade is what I reach for. It just speaks summers and vacation! It will go with any swim wear you wear because it just matches the clear sea and sky on a beach! See, what I did there! (I could pull out a picture as a specimen but let’s go ahead)

A pink color

For as long as I could remember, I have been on a search for that perfect pink color that would make my hands look beautiful. There are just so many colors in the pink family ranging from iridescent light to dark mauves. Try a few and settle on one. A perfect pink nail would serve you well. My current favorite is this one.

A fall neutral

I was never into dull colors as nail paints and the thought of putting gray color on my nails repulsed me. But I picked up this Smith & Cult color on a whim, basically because of its name and I fell in love. This is the one I always reach out to when the leaves start changing color and all of my different shades of gray jumpers hit the road. Don’t be intimidated by such a color, just try it!

A holiday color

Come holiday season, whether it is the Indian festival of Diwali or Christmas, all I want is to paint my nails red. Find a classic red that works for you. It could be a bright orange red or a deeper maroon red. I have this Julep shade from way back when I was a part of their subscription service…which, was a long long time ago. Here is a similar one.

Let me know if you agree with this or there is some additional color that you would want to add to the ‘capsule wardrobe’!?

Look at Amazon beyond diaper subscriptions

January 30

We all shop on Amazon. We shop for electronics, books, household appliances, you name it and Amazon has it. Oh, it has so much more than you can imagine!

If you open your Amazon app everytime you are in a store to compare prices, and if you are ‘one-click’ person like me, this post is for you!

Today, let us explore some beauty bits and pieces. I like to try new products and these days I am consciously checking the ingredients and trying to incorporate as many natural products as I can. Usually, I find that those products do not work as well as the mainstream products, so my hunt is always on to find that perfect soap to replace my SLS laden Body Shop ones!

These products and tried, tested and come with a recommendation from me! Let me know if any of these catch your fancy!

Body Oil


Come winters and I am all about choosing body oil over any body butters or lotions. And I am always on a look out for something that is deeply hydrating but in a non-greasy and ‘feeling light’ kind of way. Add to the fact that this one comes in one of favorite fragrance in whole world, this is going to a repurchase for me in times to come!

Toddler body and hair wash


After searching high and low, I have settled down on this for my baby’s sensitive skin. I tried all the name brands that claim to be SLS free, all natural, and all the ‘key’ words that are used these days. This one is highly hydrating, yet gentle and does not irritate my little one’s eyes even a little bit.

Lip Balm


A lip balm hoarder like me doesn’t need an excuse to buy a new one. But when I found that this french product is available on Amazon, I had to get it ASAP (read free one day shipping, hah!). This one is thicker than your average lip balm, but it stays put and does the job very well. Recently I had cold sores as a result of nasty flu and this is the one that worked over all others. Recommend it to use before bed every night and wake up to soft moisturized lips.

Cotton Pads


If you think all facial cotton pads are created equal, you maybe wrong. Give these from a Japanese brand called Muji a try, and you maybe a convert for life. These are made of unbleached cotton and they do feel a lot softer than the conventional ones.

Hand Soap


Continuing my search for SLS free everything, this is a good option if you want a mild, lightly scented hand soap which doesn’t leave your hands parched!

Let me know if there are some non conventional things that you shop on Amazon for. It always amazes what you can find there!

So you want a new lipstick?

October 24

For me, buying lipstick is such a guilty pleasure. In comparison to other make up products, it is such a ‘grab and go’ type of product and so transformative! Keep your other make up pretty similar and a lipstick can change your entire look!

So, if you are in market for some new lipsticks, here are my top 3 nude lipsticks at the moment! I admit they all look pretty similar in the picture but trust me, they are different!!! That is what I tell my husband anyway!


Bare Minerals in Panko

Part of their Gen Nude Radiant lipsticks, they claim there is a nude for every skin tone. I like the creamy yet shiny feel of it on the lips, plus it comes added with natural oils and butters to moisturize the lips. The color is a nice nude. Not plum, not mauve, just a simple flesh color but which doesn’t washes you out.

Bobbi Brown in Nude

A ‘matter’ and deeper brownish pink color, almost a brick color, I believe this would suit many skin tones. It instantly lifts up the entire face and pulls together any kind of eye make up you are wearing. Fairly long lasting too due to semi matte texture.

Christian Dior in Esquisse

This has the smoothest texture I have ever encountered in a lipstick. Almost feels like you are wearing nothing, and that should be the whole point of nude lipstick right!? The color is barely there, something that feels part of you, not something you have externally put on. This is my go-to whenever I have some smokiness going on the eyes.

It goes without saying that I would love to hear about your favorite lipsticks too. You can bet your last quarter that I would be browsing aisles of Sephora the very next day!

Fifty shades of…what!?

April 4



I am not the one to get easily sucked into promotions or limited edition products…ask my husband! 😉 But, when your trusted brand comes out with a collection that screams your name…well, you ‘give into it’! Just like it suggests!

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