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Restaurant review : Stoneburner

August 21

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Combine that with some lunch options and drinks, brunch maybe my second favorite. I almost always pick the dishes which on the ‘lunch-ier’ side when going out to brunch because let’s be honest here, on a weekend my lunch time is basically my husband’s breakfast time!

We recently discovered Stoneburner after we were done scrolling the Ballard Farmers Market and wanted to sit somewhere cozy for a meal on that particularly cold windy day. Located inside a boutique hotel, it is done up very nicely in grand light fixtures and wooden furniture. It has a sort of old-world vibe going on, what with all the little architectural things and antiques strewn all over the place.

The menu can not be defined to be of a particular cuisine, but you get a great variety from your typical eggs to scones to even a breakfast pizza or a massive burger. The last time we went, I got the burger just because its description read ‘good sauce’ and I was intrigued, which in all fairness, was ‘good’.  My husband got the crispy polenta cake which was very interesting and flavorful!

There was a kid friendly pizza option and the coffee did not disappoint either! Hence, it finds a place on ‘our list’!

Ways I minimize waste in the kitchen

October 17

These days I like to keep my visits to the kitchen as short as possible. It is all about meals that you can throw together quickly and move on. In doing so, I was realizing that there was so much food that I was wasting and it was just sitting there in the refrigerator because I did not have the ‘time’ to cook it.  And it wasn’t making me happy.

These are examples of some small steps that I am taking these days to minimize such waste. I will be on constant look out for more tips and tricks to get things done quickly in the kitchen. So, if you are in the same boat as me, give this a read and let me know what is your favorite waste minimizing trick!


With just the three of us in the house, there is no way we will eat one big bell pepper in one sitting unless we are eating them as crudités. Take out an extra 5 minutes when you are at the chopping board and cut the rest into fine pieces. Next morning when you are making an omelette, vegetables are washed, cut and ready to go. Better than letting the other half rot in the fridge,right!?


Celery has been my nemesis for as long as I could remember. And if you are Trader Joe’s aficionado like me, you end up with a 2-pack. Most recipes of soup use just one stalk at a time and let’s be honest here, how many times in that week you are going to make soup! If you also end up with forgotten pack of celery at the bottom of your vegetable basket try tackling it then and there. Use what you need for the soup, cut some more and put in a freezer bag, cut rest lengthwise. This way when I open the fridge and they are sitting right there to munch on, I would maybe pick up celery and a tub of hummus over scanning  the pantry for a piece of chocolate! I recently planted a big chunk of the root part in my vegetable garden. I shall report back if its a success.


I have a toddler who would sometimes finish a cheese stick and hand me back the empty wrapper in 5 minutes; who would also sometimes nibble the smallest bite and throw the rest on ground! For such times, I grate all that mozzarella cheese and put it in the fridge. Next time you are making lasagna, one step is already out of the way! Thank you very much!


Same principle as above. If your heart cringes at the thought of throwing left over milk down the drain, try storing it in a bottle for 3-4 days. Once you have sufficient stored away, use it in recipes in which you would need boiled milk like paneer (indian soft cheese), homemade yoghurt, custard etc. Because you are boiling it again, it takes care of any contamination in handling or otherwise.

I would love to hear some of your tips and tricks to minimize waste in the kitchen or in general! Send them this way!

Restaurant Review : Stateside

September 19

We like to eat out. No, not saying it in contradiction to my last week’s post ; we like to cook elaborate home cooked meals too. Basically, we like to eat. And, eating out has become an essential part of our weekends. Being blessed with a toddler who enjoys it as much as we do (thank heavens for that), I thought it was time to revive the restaurant reviews I used to write pre-baby.

Maybe it will give you some options for next time you are trying to decide where to eat out with a toddler in tow or dying to try something new. These reviews are sort of my diary which I often look back on when we have visitors and we want to take them somewhere tried and loved!

This weekend we tried the much acclaimed Stateside for some Vietnamese brunch. Often when we think of brunch, Vietnamese cuisine never comes to mind. Being a fan of Pho as my go-to ‘stuffy nose’ therapy, I wanted to see how those flavors would translate into brunch items.


And Stateside did not disappoint. Coffee was strong with an intense flavor profile, Omelette was not in the least bland and loaded with shrimps, Banh mi fresh and filling. Also, my neighbor’s avocado toast that I was eyeing looked like something I would want to get next time. The place is done up nicely with open layout and an airy feel; although it was a gorgeously sunny Seattle day and we preferred the patio sitting.

Give it a try next time you want to go for brunch and want to change up that eggs and toast routine!


P.S. I am sure he must be showing me some bus that just went past!

I tricked him!

September 12

So, my son is kinda obsessed with yoghurt. Sometimes it becomes flavored yoghurt. Particularly this kind. More specifically, their marionberry flavor. Now, I am not saying Ellenos is bad in any way. I have become their new fan! But here I am making my own yoghurt at home since last four years maybe; it was time I took it a notch higher and make the jelly on top also at home!

I recently got this cookbook after hearing rave reviews about it. I am yet to go past first 10 pages but I wanted to give something a try as quickly as I could. And with a pint of blueberries calling my name, I gave this a try and happy to report the kiddo totally demolished it!

Ellenos inspired yogurt

To make the topping you will need :

  • Approximately 2 handfuls of blueberries
  • 1 tablespoon of maple syrup (more or less depending on how sour your berries are)
  • 2 big sprinkles of cinnamon
  • Juice of 1/4 lemon

Put everything in a saucepan on medium to low heat. Keep stirring occasionally until you get to jam like consistency. You can break some blueberries after they soften with a spatula to aid in this jam formation.

Top it on your yogurt and done! Greek yogurt will work well too if you do not have homemade yogurt. On that note, let me know if you would like to know how I make yogurt at home!?

Are there any recipes you tried recently that you just had to share!? Send them this way!


August 29

Snacks. I knew the meaning of this term but really started to understand the reason of its existence after my baby started eating solid foods. Dictionary suggests snacks means ‘a small amount of food eaten between meals’. Yes, I used to eat snacks even before having baby. Everybody does. But I was really not the one to think about packing something when heading out the door. My bags were tiny, so were the contents there in.

These days we are out and about for a couple of hours at a time running from park to grocery shop to playdates, so taking something along with my toddler’s lunch has kind of become a habit. Here are my top munchies at the moment. Give it a look if like me you are always looking for newer products in the market!

Disclaimer : Your toddler may want to sneak in a bite here and there too!


Caffeine in a bar!? Try these if you find it difficult gulping a hot coffee while running after a toddler. 


Finally someone thought of making a savory bar. I get these in bulk from here. Other other flavors are great too!


Unlike its sister product in the market, these are ‘semi-dry’. Much easier for your toddler to munch on too!


Don’t have the appetite for a full bar!? Try these! Maybe I am sold on the novelty but they taste good too!

Let me know what are your favorite snacks at the moment. I am always looking for ‘non-leaky’ options to stash away in diaper bag! Bonus points if they are also shareable with a toddler! 🙂

What you should be eating at Trader Joe’s right now!

April 15

If my love affair with Trader Joe’s is not apparent by now, you should hear me sing the name repeatedly as I try to coax my son to sit in his car seat while going there! Also, you should know about my love affair with these caramelly-sea salty-gooey goodness which I pop into my mouth 3 at a time.


They might not look much in the packet, but once you taste it, you will not want to live without them…ever! So, if you ever come to my place; try me! Just ask, can I have some of those magic caramels you mentioned on your blog!? I bet you my life, there will always be an opened and an unopened pack in my pantry. I will keep buying them till Trader Joe’s keeps making them! Walk, run, whatever you do, please please please try them. At least once!

What you should be eating at Trader Joe’s right now!

August 11
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Giant Peruvian Inca Corn

My love for Trader Joe’s is not new; their snack aisle in particular lures me every time. Also, my guess is there are few of you like me, if not many, who share the same love. So, what better than someone who can do the ‘hard work’  and tell you exactly what you should be eating this very moment!

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Eat Read Love

August 8

Well, if the title wasn’t self-explanatory; let us try to break it down. In lines with the ever popular ‘Eat Pray Love‘, I decided to start this weekly series where I will feature something interesting. They will come to you in a digest form, so they are easy to…umm, digest!Under the category Eat, I would feature maybe some food I tried, I ate at some restaurant or I cooked. Read will probably feature something I am reading at the moment, maybe something off the internet that has to be shared! Love is a broader category(as we all know, duh!), so let’s see where it takes us!

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What we eat : Part IV

October 4
In continuation to the series where I document what we eat at home on a daily basis, here is another post. Also, it is acting as a reminder to click more food pictures, a habit which seems I have grown out of!
You can view earlier part of this series here.
Besan Poora (Chickpea flour pancakes)

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Travel Tales : Bukhara, Delhi

April 1

I had been meaning to start this series called ‘Travel Tales’ for the longest time I can remember. Whenever I come back from a holiday, there is always an overwhelming amount of pictures to sort through. Also some vacations are longer than others, I never am able to justify dumping them all in one post, some not following a particular theme because one day is totally different from other. Hence, you may have rarely, if ever seen pictures from my travels.

What I intend with this series is picking up one outing/restaurant/experience from the trip and talk about that and just that. In doing so, it is probable that one destination may only be featured once or maybe multiple times, you get the drift!?So, let’s take this step together, slowly, and see where it goes, right!? I am always open to suggestions to make it better, more ‘reader friendly’, if you will.

Past december, I was in Delhi to be with family for almost 2 months. Close second to being with family and celebrating my birthday with them, was food. Be it home-cooked, street food, or as gourmet as you can get, food is always the highlight.

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