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How to tidy up your house in 5 easy steps

August 28

Since becoming a mom, it has occurred more than I am willing to admit; I have stalled people coming over to our house when it is messy, well, when it is as if a tornado aka a two-year-old little person is living there. These days, whenever there is an impromptu plan for having people over, I panic a bit and just try to stall it or cancel it all together. And, that is something I don’t want to do.

To maintain my sanity and still make my house look presentable when I get a call in the afternoon about having some company in evening; this is my 5 step plan. Firstly, it’s important to accept it in your heart that your house will never be those ‘magazine perfect’ houses anymore. Secondly, give yourself permission to fall short of your own expectations; you are only human. After that, put on your sweats and get going….

Remove dirty dishes from the sink

If there is only one thing you want to do, let this be it. Nothing screams dirty to me than a sink full of dirty dishes with food scraps all over the place. Once you are done, give the sink a little scrub too. At the time of exiting the kitchen, when you wash your hands, take a wet paper towel to quickly wipe down your stainless steel refrigerator handles and the gas knobs. Lastly, if you want to spend more time in the kitchen, clear all counter space and give a quick wipe down. Or at least move everything that is on the counter to a side.

Get unfolded laundry out of sight

Believe it or not, I did not own a laundry basket before having my baby! And, now it is my savior. Or you can say it’s my second closet these days. Clothes come fresh out of wash into the basket, wear from the basket, take dirty clothes in the basket to the laundry area, bring it back to room in the basket. I digress but you get the point! Just put any type of laundry, whether washed or unwashed out of sight of your guests. Even if you have to put them in the said basket and lock it in your closet!

Put the toys away

I personally do not pay much attention to this particular area. After all, a kid is living here! And honestly, no matter how many times I tidy the area of toys and keep them in their designated baskets, they will invariably find their way back onto the floor, near the main entrance, on the kitchen carpet within five minutes of doing so. So, what’s the point you ask? At least, there would be 20 toys out if not 50 before the guests arrive. And, THAT’S a big difference!

Face the toilet

Cleaning the toilet is my least favorite part. Also, there is no way that you can scrub it top to bottom and get yourself in need of a shower in that short amount of time. If you keep your toilets in a presentable state all the time, then a quick freshening up is all you need to do. Vacuum the floor of any strands of hair, roll the toilet paper back that your toddler was playing with, put the training seat out of sight, put the bath toys in a neat corner, bring out a fresh hand towel, you get the gist. Light a candle while you are at it!

Get into the habit of ‘carrying all’

This is a work in progress for me too. All I am trying to do is identify areas that get cluttered the most easily in my household. Places like the kitchen counter, dresser, TV unit shelves etc. Places where when we get back home, we dump all the extras we have on our hands. Phone charger, loose change, wristwatch, receipts. leftover cheddar bunnies etc. Aim to have a carry all container/basket in those areas. When it’s time to clean up, the first priority is to obviously take them to their designated places in the house. But if you are really really short on time, just put them away in the container till you can tackle it eventually.

I would love to hear what are your secrets to keeping a tidy home at all most times!?

P.S. Here is a picture from our garden. Because let’s be real here; I do not have very many pictures of my clean home! 🙂

Talking about routines

August 7

I shouldn’t be the one who talks about routines when my last blog post was back in the beginning of the year. Also, how is it mid year already! But I digress!

Whenever I come back to blogging after a long hiatus, it is always hard for me to decide where to begin. There are so many things that have changed during that time, so much more that has happened in those few months; that I often find it difficult to pick up from where I left off.

To keep it light and simple, I thought I would talk about ‘routines’ and share these beautiful pictures that my husband clicked one random evening back in winters. Our day to day lives come with a familiarity yet a number of new challenges every day while raising a toddler, if you know what I mean. But one thing that is consistent is our evening winding down routine. And I really look forward to it, because it means that bedtime is not far now! 😉

After having a bath and getting into pajamas, we play for a bit. Also, that is the time when my husband gets his one on one time with our baby and I also get some minutes of peace and quiet. I usually tidy up the kitchen and lay out snacks for the next day, take a shower and pull out outfits for all three of us for the next day too.

We offer milk as close to bedtime as possible because our baby just gets too sleepy right after milk. Go figure!

Not forgetting to brush those teeth, we let him brush for a minute or two and then take over.

Even if this post does not make too much of a sense, I am glad that I decided to show some love to this blog of mine. Also, any excuse where I can revisit pictures of my baby when he had longer hair sits well with me! Do you follow routines in your day to day life or just let the day take its course? I would love to hear if the latter works better for some people!

It’s time!

January 2

Today everywhere you look, it is going to be something on the lines of ‘New year, new you’, ‘its a brand new beginning’! Every year I also fall into the trap and start making resolutions, promising myself things that I know I would not keep. You can go into my blog archives and see for yourself!

This year I did no such thing! For heaven’s sake, I am the same person that slept on 31st December and woke up on 1st January all the same!

This year I treated January 1st as just another date on the calendar. It did not hold a special meaning whatsoever. Only effect that I let it have on me was that I allowed myself to feel a kind of renewed energy, if you know what I mean. I gave myself permission to do what I have been always doing, in a more grand way, if that’s possible.

This past year, I have been ‘trying’ very very hard to let things go on their own pace sometimes. Not to fight over gaining control. It is time I do just that, try a bit harder even!

This past year, I have let the ‘idea of perfectionism’ hold me back from doing a lot of things that I wanted to do. It’s time I let that go. I am going to make mistakes. I am going to make bigger mistakes. That only means I am moving forward and not freezing in time.

This past year, I have tried to come out of my ‘shell’ and make some new adult friendships, which are hard to come by as it is. It is time I put more of myself into maintaining those and hopefully make them into lasting relationships.


It is time to be more of ME this year!

P.S This watch was a gift from husband on my last birthday. It’s the only gift in all these years that I have worn every single day!

Be Grateful!

November 28

Does it happen to you that when you have had something for a while or something in excess or maybe  something that you never lost, you start failing at appreciating it!? Now go back and read that once more and I guarantee at least one thing will come to your mind for all the three categories.

Though there are a million things on my mind right now which I appreciate and am grateful for, I will let you peek in just a little bit this morning in hopes that somewhere you would too tell someone just how much you appreciate their just being there. Maybe you would say a silent prayer, close your eyes for a moment and just let out a sigh in remembrance.

Last week, I ran my first ever 5k without any training! I like to run but these days all my energy is spent taking care of our toddler. There is hardly any reserve at the end of the day to put on my shoes and head out the door. I am grateful for having healthy lungs, functioning legs and fresh Seattle air which made it possible.
I cook two to three edible fresh meals for my family everyday! I never really took interest in kitchen antics earlier, but now with a toddler whose nutritional needs are kind of my responsibility, cooking has become second nature. I am grateful that I am able to do just that which means I have plenty in my fridge, my pantry is stocked and there is food on the table every evening. All of this in effect means I have a family to call my own, for which I am grateful!
We are co-sleeping at the moment with our toddler. Even though I sleep in maybe 1/4th quadrant of our king size bed, everyday I am grateful there is a warm cozy bed waiting for me at the end of the day. With even warmer cozier bodies to snuggle with!
Do you think I should make this a semi permanent feature on the blog!? Once in a while I can come back to you with three things on top of my gratefulness list and maybe it will give you a chance to stop, think and thank for all that you are grateful for today! (Like my toddler has learnt to say recently, Great idea!!!)

A day at a museum

April 12

It is never too early to visit a museum in my opinion. I feel what a person takes away from a visit depends on their age, their temperament or even how they are feeling that particular day.

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April is my January!

April 1

Spring is just around the corner. To me, it feels like a clean slate, a little bit like new year, a new beginning of sorts. I thought if I want to get back into blogging, this is as good a time as any other.

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4 months

April 17


photo 4 months_2

Time is flying! I used to laugh at people in my head when they told me it will go by so fast. In the earlier days when I was housebound with a newborn with no sleeping or feeding schedules, I used to yearn for days when I will be able to go out in the world again. Who am I kidding!? I still do!

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