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Being a tourist in your own city : Clyde Beach Park

September 25

Seattle is not synonymous with beach parks. When you think of Seattle, you would picture a rainy wet yet an evergreen city. Whenever we mention this to any visitors over the summers that we could go to a beach park, take in some sunshine and have a little picnic while we are at it, everyone is surprised over the mere mention of Seattle having a beach of any sorts.

Of course, the water will be still chilly and the breeze would be cooler in the shade; but nothing beats the views you get and the sort of calm that sound of waves provides.

Over the summers we have been to a number of such places, but the time we went to Clyde Beach Park way back in March when suddenly we had a sunny weekend after what felt like an endless winter; is still fresh in my memory.

Being new to Eastside, we searched the closest park with access to water and a play structure; and off we went with a little picnic in tow to enjoy the rare sunshine.

My husband captured these pictures beautifully without making us pose very often and that is what I love about these; it brings back the exact emotions to mind from that day. I love looking back at these pictures, I hope you like them too.

What do you do to chase some sunshine when we are ‘drowning’ deep in the winter months!?

Mom shoes for summers!?

April 22

If you had met me in my ‘previous life’, you would have never caught me in trainers/sport shoes of any sort outside of gym or a running trail. But it is a different story altogether now! When you have to run behind a very active toddler in parks, shops etc; coordinating your shoes with the outfit takes a backseat!


I have been living in these shoes for the whole of fall and winter. Got them in black to make them go with as many outfits as possible. Um…Who am I kidding!? My wardrobe is 70% black, white and grey at this point! And they have served me very well. Very comfortable, look chic, do the job! Never thought I would say this but they are indeed my ‘mom shoes’.


I am now on  a lookout for summer equivalent of the same. I couldn’t even tolerate them on a 22 degrees celsius day recently, so I am on hunt 24/7. Have my eyes on this, this and this. Do you have any suggestions where I should be looking? Help this momma out!!!

What no one ever told you!

March 9

If you are anything like me who researches and makes lists when challenged to make a new decision, and if you are/were pregnant for the first time, you would have spent hours browsing sites for the ultimate ‘Baby registry’! I did not make a registry per se to share with people, I used it as a tool to create my own inventory of things I needed. There is this one thing that I wish someone had told me before which I feel should be on top of any baby registry.

Well, say hello to this humble mug…

Image courtesy :


If you are a new mommy like me who would make a nice big cup of hot tea, but as soon as you sit down and put your feet up, your baby wakes up from his nap and when you do get back to it, all that remains is a cold tasteless liquid.

After having my baby, I am amazed at how many things I could do with just one hand (applying a little bit of make up being one of them), but let me tell you drinking tea is not one of them. Nor should it be. I always worry about spilling and strictly keep all food and drinks away from me while catering to baby.

But I love my hot drinks, be it tea,warm water infused with herbs or hot chocolate these days. So, this  mug is following me around the house these days. Wherever I would sit to nurse the baby, it would be within my hand’s reach or just rolling along on the bed, filled with some goodness which doesn’t has a chance to spill anywhere.

Even if you do not put a changing table in your baby registry, I highly suggest to include this mug. You can thank me later.

P.S. Camelbak also makes other models and I am a fan of their products.

What has become of this blog!?

February 27

Are you also thinking what I think you are thinking!? I think what you are thinking is that Maneet suddenly goes off blogosphere without a warning or explanation, makes couple of failed attempts to get back to it, loses all contact with fellow bloggers, leaves everything hanging in between. Now, out of the blue she comes back again with a brand new baby and has started blogging again!

I wouldn’t say that I was in a dark place for major part of 2013, and I definitely wasn’t unhappy or sad. It wasn’t as if I didn’t have creative ideas I wanted to pursue or I wasn’t living up my life. But there was certainly something that tainted the glasses with which I was viewing life. Maybe some day I would find the courage to open up about it, find the correct words and let it all out in the cyber webs. That day is not today.

So, what changed now? For me, blogging has always been a means to record every day events that I want to remember, things I want to share with the world. And, that has not changed in the wee bit. In fact, now I have this sudden and unstoppable need to document every little thing, every new development of this little human being that I call my baby. Even if I barely have time to wash my hair, I feel like I will be missing out if I don’t document it. For my own sake, if not anything else.

Will this become a mommy blog now, you ask!? Well, as always I don’t know. I have never tried to categorize it earlier and same holds true now.

As a new mommy, I am trying to take each day at a time. Similarly, I will leave this blog to the same fate and see where it will take me!

Hope you will continue to come along!

Do you need new glasses?

August 5
If you live in Seattle you would know that sunglasses are a rarity here. It’s only during those one or two summer months that you really need them. Rest of the year, I feel you are wearing them more for the looks than utility. And, that’s also not a bad thing! 😉

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Guest blogging

July 8
I am on a kind of unannounced sabbatical from which I should come out sooner rather than later. But I am still whiling away my time, I got featured on one of my favorite blogs in recent times.

So, head on over to The Zing of my life to find out more about this picture and show Ashwini some blog love! I promise you will get hooked!
See you on the other side!