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It’s time!

January 2

Today everywhere you look, it is going to be something on the lines of ‘New year, new you’, ‘its a brand new beginning’! Every year I also fall into the trap and start making resolutions, promising myself things that I know I would not keep. You can go into my blog archives and see for yourself!

This year I did no such thing! For heaven’s sake, I am the same person that slept on 31st December and woke up on 1st January all the same!

This year I treated January 1st as just another date on the calendar. It did not hold a special meaning whatsoever. Only effect that I let it have on me was that I allowed myself to feel a kind of renewed energy, if you know what I mean. I gave myself permission to do what I have been always doing, in a more grand way, if that’s possible.

This past year, I have been ‘trying’ very very hard to let things go on their own pace sometimes. Not to fight over gaining control. It is time I do just that, try a bit harder even!

This past year, I have let the ‘idea of perfectionism’ hold me back from doing a lot of things that I wanted to do. It’s time I let that go. I am going to make mistakes. I am going to make bigger mistakes. That only means I am moving forward and not freezing in time.

This past year, I have tried to come out of my ‘shell’ and make some new adult friendships, which are hard to come by as it is. It is time I put more of myself into maintaining those and hopefully make them into lasting relationships.


It is time to be more of ME this year!

P.S This watch was a gift from husband on my last birthday. It’s the only gift in all these years that I have worn every single day!

I Love my Hubby!

April 26

Well, I certainly did not need a t-shirt to tell me or the world that! But this might as well be the cutest shirt I own in my closet. It was calling out my name the minute I walked into a neighborhood store and at somewhere around $5, I thought it would be ideal to just lounge around the house (especially when Hubby is working from home, to tell him the millionth time)

Never thought it would even breathe in the air between our apartment and trash room, tonight I took it outside, that too for dinner at a thai place! Well, it fared well pretty good I think..See for yourself!

Jeans : Levis, Cardigan : Nordstrom, Pumps and Clutch : India, Gold diamond bangles : Gift from MIL