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Travel Tales : Shakespeare & Co., Paris

October 18
While I am spending some quality time with family and being pampered silly by my MIL, I thought this was a good enough opportunity to dig into the archives and bring you with me to some of my travels. On another note, we are leaving for Portland for a day to take care of some business. What an irony!

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Travel Tales : Whale watching

October 14
We are back from a spectacular road trip along the oregon coast with views to last a lifetime and stayed in beautiful cabin which had just the right amount of coziness.
While I get back in routine and blog business in particular, here is small video of whale watching in Maui, Hawaii from few months back. We booked the tour through these guys, just a small step towards supporting science and research.

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Road tripping

October 7
This fine monday morning as you read this post, I am ‘road tripping’ somewhere along the Oregon coast on our way to San Francisco to meet up with family. 
So, while I collect more memories and more pictures to share with you all, I am leaving with this picture of Seattle skyline clicked by a friend on a warm summer night few months back.
Don’t think I will ever get tired of this view!
See you in a week! 


May 14
I am back from the City of lights and need to ‘un-baguette’ my system before I can think of anything else!
Enjoy this oncoming summer season and Have Faith as always! 

Travel Tales : Maui, Hawaii

April 23
Hawaii was an incredible experience. Even if its been around 3 weeks since we got back, I can still kind of ‘transpose’ myself back there and imagine the winds rustling palm trees. Or the feeling of coolness rendered by shaved ice down my throat. Or maybe the grainy-yet-soft sand between my toes.
But out of all these images, what hold prominence for me is the vision of that big fiery red/orange sun just sitting quietly above the horizon and slowly making its way down. Accompany it with the sound of waves and I am in bliss!
I have countless number of images of sunsets on different days that I want to share here, but for now, these will do!

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April 5
This is what Hawaii has been all about for me!
Cool sea breeze in your hair, nice blue water as far as you can see, most beautiful sunsets on the horizon, that salt water taste on your lips all day long, wind ruffling your dress ever so…it was just magical!
P.S. We are currently on our way to San francisco to meet up with family! Yayee! So if you experience some silence around these parts, it is safe to assume that I am having lots of fun with my niece and nephew!

Travel Tales : Bukhara, Delhi

April 1

I had been meaning to start this series called ‘Travel Tales’ for the longest time I can remember. Whenever I come back from a holiday, there is always an overwhelming amount of pictures to sort through. Also some vacations are longer than others, I never am able to justify dumping them all in one post, some not following a particular theme because one day is totally different from other. Hence, you may have rarely, if ever seen pictures from my travels.

What I intend with this series is picking up one outing/restaurant/experience from the trip and talk about that and just that. In doing so, it is probable that one destination may only be featured once or maybe multiple times, you get the drift!?So, let’s take this step together, slowly, and see where it goes, right!? I am always open to suggestions to make it better, more ‘reader friendly’, if you will.

Past december, I was in Delhi to be with family for almost 2 months. Close second to being with family and celebrating my birthday with them, was food. Be it home-cooked, street food, or as gourmet as you can get, food is always the highlight.

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