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Almost perfect!

August 18



I promised to bring another outfit post if and when I would wear anything even remotely different than this! Well, here it is…

  • Ironed button down in Chambray because everyone and their ‘everyone’ is wearing one;
  • On trend jeans which are not your typical ‘mom jeans’ (by the way, a new pair of said mom jeans are currently being shipped from here);
  • I even wore some heels!;
  • Hair freshly washed and styled for a change because¬†open hair equals baby’s trapeze practice;
  • Look closely, I even have non-chipped nail paint, that too in matching blue color, which wasn’t in the least planned out, hah!;
  • Oh, I even wore some big gold hoop earrings to go with this ’70s vibe’;
  • The picture is taken somewhere which is not my garden, which means I got out of the house!

Now,only if Mr, Husband would have paid more attention to framing the picture better than looking at me and not cut off that M in Microsoft, this would have been all too perfect!

Well then, here is something THAT is perfect…

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

P.S. I live for these gummy toothless dimpled smiles these days!

P.P.S. This post is sponsored by 15 minutes of baby-grandma time!

Grey on a sunny day

April 22

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Let us break down this look :

  • Button down shirt for easy access to those, umm..those!
  • Black skinny jeans with maximum stretch to bend down and up 100 times a day. Even though black attracts drool like crazy, its forgiving to all other messes.
  • Flat shoes because you can’t risk tripping over with a babe in your arms.
  • No accessories for the risk of hurting baby accidentally with one.
  • Hair open just for the picture and tied back up again as soon as its done.
  • Minimal make up because the said babe is attached to you like a magnet.

Over and out till I wear something remotely different!


Truly Vintage

April 26
You wouldn’t believe what I am going to tell you. But I will tell you anyway! Because it is just so incredibly special to me.
This cardigan that I am wearing in these pictures; by the way the pictures hardly do it any justice. This creamy white, warm, soft as cotton, timelessly designed, such intricately detailed cardigan was hand knitted by my mom some 30 years ago! She made it for herself as a part of her wedding trousseau and has kept it in the best of its shape till now.
When I saw it on my latest trip to India, I knew I had to have it. And here it is keeping me warm in Seattle on those grey rainy days when there isn’t a hope of sun.

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100 years of fashion!

March 29
This is just too cool to not share with you all!
Have a sun-filled weekend!